Private Secondary School In Nigeria | How to Start

Private Secondary School In Nigeria |  Private Secondary School In Nigeria..How to Start In this our modern society a private school seems to be the exclusive choice for parents that want a better education for their children, and that could afford it.

Establishing a private secondary school in Nigeria requires a lot of grit, because unlike schools that end at the primary school level running a secondary school is more sophisticated and more advanced. For example in a private secondary school the teachers ought to be highly qualified, the school building needs to be more expansive, more non-academic staff are necessary for administrative and manual labour jobs, laboratory buildings is a must-have and so on and so fault.

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Without doubt there is an incredible amount of money to be made. The revenue from school fees can be set at any price depending on the quality of the service you provide. So in order to establish a secondary school in Nigeria, here are 9 of the necessary steps you must take to make it into a successful venture.

  1. Get Government Accreditation

To get the government’s approval there are certain standards you need to meet, first though you submit an application along with the application fee to the ministry of education. They will inspect your school project to see if it meets their requirements, if it doesn’t the project will be put to a halt. Some of the guidelines put together by the ministry pertains to the minimum land space, classroom size, minimum number of students, toilet and games facilities. The complete guidelines could be found at the ministry of education office in your state.

By getting government recognition it means you will be allowed by law to carry out senior certificate exams such as WAEC, NECO and the GCE in your school, and a student certified for graduating from the school is duly recognised by all higher institutions of learning. After a thorough inspection which could be carried out for 3-5 years the school is accredited.

  1. Buy a Piece of Land

The land should be located near town if not in the middle of it, it should be conducive for learning and not anywhere near an industrial or market complex because of the noise. The size of the land should be nothing less than the minimum requirement as ordained by the ministry.

  1. Begin Building of the School

The main building sections of any school are the classrooms and administrative block. The classrooms must have a cross ventilation and enough space to fit in some furniture and the students’ desks. Admin block usually have an office or two and a store.

  1. Build Other Facilities

Your school is going to need;

  • A toilet
  • A football field and at least one other game
  • A computer lab
  • A science laboratory
  • A library stocked with books
  • A sick bay with at least one trained nurse

Equip the above mentioned facilities with the necessary corresponding items like books for the library, first aid kit for the sick bay, toilet rolls for the toilet and footballs and jerseys for sports, etc.

  1. Hire Professional Teachers and Staff

Make sure each teacher is qualified for the subject he/she will be teaching, each teacher should possess an NCE certificate before he/she is hired. The secondary school also require other non-teaching staff to run the school such as the guidance and counselor, admin, cleaning staff and the bursary.

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  1. Design and Order the Uniforms

As much as students hate this it is an integral part of school and learning, the uniform. To get a design find a professional tailor to help you make a choice for the right materials and other details regarding the uniforms for both male and female students, and for different sizes. If you are satisfied with the designs the next step is to awarding the uniforms sewing contract. Give the contract to a tailor of your choice. It is more convenient to have the uniforms readily made than letting the parents sew it themselves.

  1. Print Receipts/Invoices and Order Stamps

Make sure that all documentation is done on your branded papers. As for official signing of documents they must all be stamped hence the need for stamps. Talk to a local printer you should be able to easily obtain them.

  1. Provide a Bookshop

Having a bookshop in the school is not only a source of revenue but also a way of enhancing learning. Students don’t have to journey a long way to obtain what they need. They will always replace lost or finished items quickly without disrupting their learning activities.

  1. Buy Teaching Materials

Equip your school with as much teaching material as is possible. Charts, educational posters and banners (e.g. image of the digestive system), maps, experimental apparatus and so on. These will aid teachers to explain better to the students and will invariably affect their IQ and reasoning positively.

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